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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Interesting Blog?

Haven't blogged in a while?

Can you tell I'm out of practice....I have absolutely nothing to say. Oh WAIIITT a minute. I can tell you faithful blog readers about my new found interest in ULTIMATE FRISBEE!! I used to think this was just a "fake" sport but it actually requires a lot of skill, strategy and can get competitive.

I just joined a team a few weeks ago and we've been playing every Tuesday for the past 3 weeks. Sooo fun! And of course, like every team sport, the type of people you play with make a huge difference (especially if it's your first time playing). Let me tell you, this team ROCKS! Not only do they have speed, agility, passion for frisbee, quick reflexes, good aim, control, and hand-eye coordination... they also LOVE congee! AND better still, they are all huge math/science nerds of some sort. hahaha so I play frisbee with a great group of diverse people! WOO HOO for me!

K. back to work. Wait I AMMM WORKING! (seriously >-< i'm learning new technology cos im working on Adobe Contribute CS3 right now!!! hehehe)

Proof that Ultimate Frisbee is a sport!

Monday, November 27, 2006

return of the BLOGG!!

got a message today from someone who came to this blog and saw that the last entry was back in ugggGH JULY!!!

so i felt pretty bad about this. People stopping by who give a damn about the lives of other people - namely, me!

I just felt like starting again so late would be kinda pointless!? don't you think?

well, i guess i could always start fresh but then i'd be wasting more space and creating more blogs for myself to keep track of!

so i will continue writing in this blog... it might give me something OTHER than studying and dancing and drinking and partyin and studying and coding and assignments and job searching and ... the list goes on...

aafffter all "an unexamined life is not worth living" - so says a wise man by the name of Socrates..

So this blog will allow me to examine life by writing about it. I guess.

Any ideas??

Monday, July 24, 2006

first cottage weekend of the summer...

so here I am at work today... so burnt out and tired from the drive home...

the 3 hour drive from seto's cottage up in port severn. I had a bag of garbage behind me (the garbage smelled like beer, uncooked salmon, soggy marshmallows but mainly salmon) and a joint being passed around in front of me... so basically the whole van was a hot box of nasty air - good thing no one decided to jump in the lake that day...

Or fall out of the canoe which shelly, karen and I went on that morning. It was hot and sunny and I got a crazzzy tan! yes we burned.. our skin among other things...

like wood from the bonfire! we burned all sorts of wood and ate the bestest smores because it was melted marshmallows in between DECADENT chocolate chip cookies!! YUM...

yum like the dinner me and chris decided to make before passing out at 10pm only to wake up at 11:30pm to go out to this after hours club called sonic for the MYLO and MSTRKRFT album release party!

from the end to the beginning the weekend was pure DOPE! And I mean that in the most literal way *sigh

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

it's show and tell time kids!

WOW check this out. its the coolest thing I've heard all day!

Today I was told by my co-worker that there are ppl who do random pranks/improv acts in different parts of the city.

Apparently there was a bubble blowing fight this past weekend where people were told to start blowing bubbles at each other at 4pm or something like that.

I was totally confused at first but then checked out the website and yoo this is actually pretty funny shit.

One of the ideas -chris, you'd be happy to hear this... but i think* you came up with it once in a convo - anyways see if you can figure it out which one i'm talking about...it was actually really funny!!

So anyway the website is:

And this is the link to the one in Toronto (about the bubble blowing fight)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

All alonein Kyoto

Kyoto...if you rearrange the letters that spells Tokyo!

Yet however similiar they may sound, Kyoto and Tokyo are not even comparable! It is soo different here. Its sooo beautiful here! There so many temples mixed in with the modern city life. The historical monuments and classy shops really give this city such an amazing atmosphere! The hotel I'm in is also really nice... its got a starbucks!! yay!! no more nasty japanese coffee!!!

Even tho I'm pretty enthusiastic to have made it here today, I was all alone... It's incredible how I can get around this country without speaking a word of Japanese. It's also remarkable how people can actually communicate with only a few words of english...

Well when I got here, I went to this gorgeous mountainous area called Arishiyama. OH MY GOD (:O was my face the whole time. This place was literally breathtaking. It was seriously so worth seeing. I loved every minute of it!!!

then I went down to the GION CENTER to try to see a maiko or geisha show. however when I got there, the show was almost over... well actually it was kinda a good thing because the guy let me go in just to catch the ending of the show. Talk about a rip off!! It was just a puppet geisha! haha well at least i didnt have to pay...

BTW today i saw a DOMOKUN!! Finally :)!!!

The big one was close to $90 (ridiculous... i like toys and all but i aint about to shell out $100 -which is half the money i have left here - on a domokun!) but I bot the small one. I will see if I can get a picture of the big one when I have another chance. At least I can say I saw one!!!

Friday, June 09, 2006


cannot explain this...

craziness around me...

this city doesnt stop.

rite now @ an internet cafe that looks out of this world...

i love tokio!!!

hope this keyboard doesn't swwtch in2 jpneze md.

im now a R%b0T.

w/ jpneze hair wh0 sp3aks in 0s n 1s

01 010 1 01 100 1100 1100!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mickey Mouse speaks Japanese?!

Yesterday emrah and I went to Disney Sea for the first time.
It was soo fun! By far the indiana jones ride was the awesomest!!

It was cool to see so many of my favourite japanese friends as well...

jiminey crucket

a har-ABUku girl

an evil japanese jafar

I learned a few japanese words:

"tanoSHE dee roo?" : are you having fun?
"haunto??" or "ooh so?": really??
"ech!?" : whaaa?!
"shinto" : i think this means when your foot falls asleep (i have to double check this)--- just did.. its actually a religion
"sumuyi" : cold (which i get a lot)
"sumimassen": excuse me/sorry/please
"su goi!": awesome or sooo good!

Anyway my vocab is growing and the people here are all so nice!!

Currently, I'm enjoying a lost in translation moment. Stuck in a japanese room eating a traditional japanese breakfast full of all the essential nutrients for bad teeth:

pocky and green bean kit kat!!